Every human being is born with a distinct personality. He frequently fails to recognise himself and his unique qualities. Instead, he tries to artificially demonstrate his ability by concealing it from others. Why, when we are gifted in so many ways, do we need to hide our beautiful hearts by wearing masks and acting in our lives? Better yet, let us live a real and true life in order to bring more and more happiness, with the goal of complete satisfaction. Once we arrive on Earth. We are losing every second of our lives unless we do not live for ourselves. As a result, let us remove the mask and be authentic in all aspects of our lives.

Human creativity is like ,
a single layer of skin,
coated with various colours, 
in the form of incarnation, 
which reveals many personalities of a human,
 who hides the truths behind the unspoken lies,
 and his innovation is based on
those unspoken truths 
and faces hidden behind masks.

- saradha


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