A woman of substance

A woman who has born as a life giver,
Miracle creator and magic maker.
A woman with a heart of a thousand mothers, open, fearless and sweet.
A woman born with the fire of queens and conquerors ,that's the power of being an OG's wife
A woman who has born with passion, desires and interests to name your own destiny.
A woman who excels being it sujog fitness,......(mention here abt she is involved in) where age just stays a number
A woman holds a power n grace the depth of her deep sea heart
A woman who can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens
A woman who holds happiness, love and opinions
A woman who smiles when feels like crying
A woman who sings when she is depressed
A woman who finds happiness in everything she does.
Your beautiful eyes look for the good in others
Your beautiful lips speak only words of kindness
You are what you are more than you see yourself
your love is unconditional
That's why you are loved endlessly
You, the woman of substance, may you stay healthy n live long for ,
You are an inspiration for millions of women in this world.


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