Our body is a CAR


Yoga or workouts are analogous to learning to drive a car. First, we learn the fundamentals of driving. We do jerks while driving, causing damage to the car by hitting here and there, and the car frequently shuts down. We will not, however, give up until we learn to drive confidently.

Similarly, our bodies are trained with the fundamentals, and as a result, we experience body pain and muscle catching up. It will be painless once it becomes accustomed to it.
We gradually and steadily increase the intensity of our workouts, much like shifting from first to fifth gear in a car.

The smooth operation of a car is dependent on how we handle and service it on time. Similarly, if we want our bodies to function properly, we need proper nutrition, regular exercise, and regular body checkups.

However, when everything is going well, the car suddenly breaks down and must be left in the workshop. Similarly, we become ill with a fever or a cough. Take a break from our regular workout routine.

It's okay, because there's always a comeback.
Our bodies are like different car models with varying levels of strength and stamina. We can choose from vintage to Nano to Mercedes to Ferrari. We can't push the limits beyond their capacity because we've seen the results.

Understanding and accepting one's body's nature is essential for consistent performance. Don't be worried if you can't drive a Ferrari. Even if you're driving a vintage or a Nano, keep it moving steadily and smoothly. Nonetheless, you achieve good results.

Finally, life is all about having fun with whatever we do. Neither a punishment nor a burden. Please do know, Our body is a
- Saradha


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