Love is never lost; it Lasts.

Meera, shouted her husband Ravi. Please don't shout "I'm coming!" Meera answered calmly. 
Meera and Ravi married out of love. He was also insanely obsessed with her. He worked as a salesperson, and she didn't take any jobs because her parents required her help and they weren't in excellent health . Ravi met her at one of their common relatives' weddings and liked her right away. He found out about her through a relative, and Meera agreed on the condition that he pursue some higher education and be in a good job. Ravi did as she requested because he was madly in love with her. In the meantime, Meera's parents died as a result of the COVID pandemic. They later married and had two children, a daughter and a son, with the blessings of the elders.

Everything was going so well in their lives until Ravi revealed his true colours. He grew so domineering that he continually found fault with whatever she did. He barely smiled. Even children became afraid to ask him questions and instead turned to their mother for assistance.  Meera did her best to persuade him that if he did not control his rage, his health would deteriorate progressively. She was usually quite patient with him.  Nonetheless, he maintained his disdain for her. This drew the attention of the children. Meera's health suffered as she worried about him. She recalled her golden days, when he took care of her and bought her a saree, birthday gifts, roses, watches, and even a mobile phone.  But those were the days.
She had never seen this side of him before. Throughout her life, she desired to devote everything to her husband and children, ensuring that she was present whenever anything happened. Days, months, and years passed, and their children had grown, and their daughter, who was calm, matured and understanding, was a tremendous support for Meera. She had to intervene and resist when her father abused her mother over trivial matters. 

One day, Ravi was late submitting the project and when his Boss fired him, he showed his attitude towards him as well. The employer told him that he wasn't his family member and that he had no right to take advantage of his kind nature and warned him one more time. If he did it again, he would be dismissed from his appointment and sent home.  
On his way home, he was thinking about himself and what was going on with him. And he remembered how his wife had tolerated him for all these years without complaint. He believed that only hers was pure love, and that he did not deserve to be her husband and father to his children. 
He arrived at home thinking and was going to ring the doorbell when he noticed that the home was open. He called his wife and children, but there was no answer. He became terrified after learning what had happened to all of them. He went to check with his neighbours. One of them stated that his wife was suffering from shortness of breath and had been rushed to the hospital.
He burst into tears and felt shaken. With no time to waste, he left for the hospital, where she had been admitted. As he approached, he discovered his children standing with their elderly neighbour uncle, crying uncontrollably. He asked them about Meera. The uncle told him to stay calm and said he tried to call numerous times to inform him, but the phone was never answered, so they had to call an ambulance to have her admitted as soon as possible. According to the doctor, his wife suffered a brain haemorrhage and fell into a coma. They couldn't say how long it would take for her to be back to normal. Ravi's cry resonated across the hospital, and his daughter said in agony, "It's all because of you."  You only brought her to this point, so what's the point of showing her all your mercy now? He sought forgiveness for his misbehaviour at his daughter's feet. The old uncle approached him and said, "Show your Last Love for her but not your Lost Love." Keep your fingers crossed that she will soon open her eyes. Because she understands your feelings. You will be forgiven by her. Hold her hands and tell you love her." He went and took her hand in his and did as the uncle instructed. She replied by wiggling her fingers slightly.
- Saradha 


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