Sita and Rama had been married for over 50 years. Rama was a teacher  and retired as Principal in the same school. They raised five children and gave good education and all  settled  well in life and in their respective jobs. 
When Rama was working in school he bought a land and built a house. Named 'SWAGAT.' After having stayed for more than 40 years , one day all the colony members received a notice from the temple authorities , it said that the land was temple's property and on lease. So they had no right to own it.  Hearing this both of them shattered and disappointed.  So much hardwork had gone into shaping that house. Children had their best times. On every occasion all of them  gathered for family get together. Celebrated their Dad's sadabhishekam. Rama's parents too spent a  peaceful life in that sweet home. The house had seen many festivals,  celebrations and brought lots of luck to each one of them. Rama and other colony members came together to fight for this case .  As no where in their plot agreement it's mentioned about the land. They contacted the lawyer and the case was taken up. The case was kept pending in the high court as the temple authorities didn't show any interest in attending the court.  So the colony members further  mde an appeal in the Supreme Court. With many sittings and hearings,  the case was dragging simply and didn't arrive at any final judgement. 


 In the mean time,  Rama's health was getting weaker and had to admit in the hospital.  Sita was so much worried about his health and called all their children . One by one reached home at their earliest possible time and met their Dad in the hospital. Rama spoke to their children in a feeble voice.  He said," All these years I have been living with a hope that the House would be ours as I shed my sweat, invested my hard earned money, took extreme care to maintain by all means.But am so sorry children, I won't be able to write a will in your names. Pl do take care of Mom well and let her stay in that house only till her last remembering the days that we spent together. One thing I am leaving for you all is my UNCARVED FOOT PRINTS in that house." 
 As he said his last word, tears streamed down his face, his eyes closed, and he breathed his last.



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