♥︎♥︎♥︎ BREWED THOUGHTS ♥︎♥︎♥︎

■Age is just a number; wrinkles are the multiplication of the same 

■Anything you put into practice becomes a habit one day . Even being good to others

■Behind every successful woman,there is a man standing behind is her husband.

■Eyes are the most powerful weapon that it can't hide any emotions.

■The size of the house is not determined
 by the number of  people living in.

■Man's generousity is not determined
 by his financial status.

■Person's smartness is not to be judged just  by his out look .

■The quantity of food  consumed is not measured by the diameter of the plate.

■Plate can be big, only you have to decide how much to eat.

■Student's intelligence is not decided
 by his marks.

■ Teacher can only teach,  he cannot write exams for a student.

■Life is not  a movie  to rehearse or to retake , it just happens in one shot.

■Life will be wonderful, if anger, greed, jealous, lust and hatered are limited editions.

■Rich person on the slide,  has to descend by sliding down only.

■Racing behind someone's life , doesn't make us a winner,but racing with our own life, surely makes us a winner.

■What you see is true, if you find the truth in it. 

■No one can change you , until you want to.

■If you have a taste for music, your life will be in perfect rhythm. 

■Frequent visit to restaurants ,fattens our body and slims down our wallet.

■The place where we burn and gain is restaurant. We eat to gain weight and pay to burn our money.

■Old books, old friends old movies never become old. Always have them in life.  

■The most exciting moment of our life is, when we really don't know what to do.

■Being innocent is bliss . Being ignorant is melancholy. 

■Everything has an expiry date. Except connection between God and Soul.

- saradha


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