I had been planning for so long to sort out my stacked cupboard which gave a weird look , whenever I opened to pick up a saree or dress to wear. πŸ˜‚. I started to go through each one of them slowly so that I could keep in the list  '  THE JOY OF GIVING.'  Not able which one to select, I just pulled all of them at one go on the floor and sat down in the midst of piled up clothes looked like a small Himalaya 🀣🀣🀣.  I simply kept staring 😳 at them not knowing, from where to begin. Then I made up my mind and decided to pick up whatever comes in my hand. 

♥︎ The one I picked randomly first  by closing my eyes 😁 was a beautiful dress gifted by my dearest hubby some years back on my birthday. My heart said, " it is old but gold πŸ˜„" I gave a tight hug πŸ€— and placed it on my lap.

♥︎ Second one a saree ,was close to my heart as it's from my parents on my first Diwal after marriage. I told to myself, "Oh this is so precious πŸ˜‡.  I can't just give away."

♥︎ Third one was with a lovely colour combination. My most favourite colours, I checked front and back for any damage or any colour fade. I found nothing. Then I wore and saw ... to my surprise I still could fit in that. I was so happy to look at myself in the mirror.  πŸ’ƒ Without a doubt I kept by my side. 

♥︎Fourth one a surprise courier from a virtual friend πŸ₯° through socal media. The moment I touched  her lovely present, it made me so emotional. No need to say,  i left it silently. 

♥︎Fifth one from my beloved sister. Bought from her first salary a very elegant and a very pretty pink cotton saree. My eyes were in tears 😒 in no time. My heart scolded,  "how could you even think about ?" πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

♥︎Sixth one, every mom's melting moment , the most valuable child's gift a pashmina shawl bought from his pocket money savings, over a period of years.  In no time , it brought  back that nostalgic moment 😍 when he wrapped the shawl with his hands with so much love 😘filled in his eyes. 

♥︎ Seventh one, my mom in law's first ever buy for her daughter in law , a salwar suit in my favourite blue colour . Anything from her hands always grow more and more.  Though the dress has become very old, a sentimental touch is still there πŸ˜‡.  So I decided to keep as a blessing. 

Then came the eighth, ninth, tenth and so on...I couldn't really find anything because some are hardly I had worn just once or twice, some were looked so fresh and new to me, some I didn't even wear once and some would never go old even after me. 
My heart echoed , ' IT IS A JOY OF SAVING'.  Yes.  Very right and I accepted whole heartedly and came to a conclusion. After all we are human beings live with so much desires, attachments, sentiments, aspirations and  with unlimited wants.  What ever I have is for more than my life time. Unless until I am really in need of , then only i should buy else I DON'T SHOP ANY MORE. I got up from in-between the piled up clothes with a state of contentment and joy and started arranging them all over again in the cupboard. A mission is accomplished .



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