Mrinali was literally yelling at her mother that she needed to get on the bus at 8 a.m. because she had an interview at 11 a.m. Her mother assumed she was tired and did not wake her up. She set her alarm but forgot to turn it up, so she didn't wake up on time. The clock thorns were rubbing against each other, and Mrinali was finally unable to attend the interview. She burst into tears, disappointed that a fantastic job opportunity had slipped through her fingers. Her mother tried to console her, but she couldn't accept the truth.
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 On the same day, there was a speed post for her. She signed and ripped open the unexpected envelope. Her face was filled with joy the moment she opened it.With her overflowing mixed emotions, she was struggling to react. She ran to her mother, hugged her, and sobbed. She showed her the letter and said, "This is a call letter to join the OFFICERS' TRAINING ACADEMY, MADRAS for training." Mrinali's father, a Brigadier, was martyred a year ago, and she has been since decided to carry on her father's service to the nation. She also had exams and an interview. She assumed she hadn't been chosen because she hadn't received a response. Her joy today knows no bounds. She went over to her father's photo and saluted him, wishing him "HAPPY ARMY DAY" and "JAI HIND KI SENA." "I missed the bus," she explained to her mother. But then something good happened."



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