A girl child was born to a couple after 20 years of marriage. They named her ACHAMBHA (miracle) because they had given up hope of becoming parents with this birth. God had been gracious enough to bless them. Achambha was beautifully and boldly raised. Despite the fact that she was born on April Fool's Day, she was a very unique and intelligent person. But it was her dark complexion and appearance that made her feel so inferior to herself.

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As a result of this, her classmates gave her the nickname koyala (charcoal) and were always making fun of her and fooling around with her. She never reacted when she was body shamed. She never told her parents about it, as it would hurt their feelings deeply, because for them she was a BLACK PEARL . She cried quietly since she couldn't express her emotions. She resolved within herself that she would show the world that beauty is only skin deep. She kept the fire burning inside her heart. Achambha turned 22 as the days and years passed.

While browsing the Internet one day, she came across a post about Miss India, the beauty pageant. She checked the given link and filled out the form without much thought because she didn't want to miss out on this golden opportunity to make her dream come true. She simply informed her parents that she would like to compete in the beauty pageant. Knowing about their daughter, they also encouraged, supported, and blessed her.

She had only one friend who had been there for her since she was a child. She could advance in the competition with her assistance and support. All of the contestants received online training. Her friend assisted her in selecting the appropriate outfit for the pageant.
The day arrived for her to leave for her final rehearsal before the competition. She was accompanied by her friend as well. She'll be meeting the other participants for the first time in person. As a result, she was very curious and interested about it. All the participants were asked to assemble at the specified location. Everyone stared at her and gave her a strange expression the moment they saw her. Despite the fact that it was something she expected, she kept her silence and focused on the ongoing process.
The big day had arrived, and she was about to face the big crowd that had gathered there. She stood out among the other contestants, but she was stunning in her golden outfit, which glistened like the sun's golden rays.
Her introduction round came after a ramp walk. She confidently held the mic and gave a brief introduction about herself.
She stated, "I am Achambha, and I have big dreams of conquering the entire world with my uniqueness and intelligence. My goal is to end colour discrimination. I want to show the world that if you treat your beauty like a beast, it leads you to the path of success Thank you very much."
Everyone gave a hearty round of applause.

The introduction round continued for the remaining participants as well. She just kept watching them because they were responding and presenting themselves so well. She was nervous, if she would be chosen for the next  round or not. Surprisingly,  she was chosen as one of the top ten contestants. She also gave her all in the next round too. Her most exciting moment was,  being among the top five contestants.

The top five contestants were announced after a brief discussion among the judges. She couldn't believe her ears when she heard her name. Her heart was clearly racing, and she could feel it.  So, for the final round, she was summoned to the stage once more to face the panels of juries

One of them asked Achambha what message she wanted to convey to her younger generations. She asked politely if she could express herself through a musing written by her. They nodded.
She expressed,
If you think the food isn't in the
presentable form, taste and see,
You may relish the best food ever.
If you think the person looks, Thug
Converse with him and see,
You may come across the best person ever.
If you think the dress doesn't suit you,
Wear it and see,
You may get the best outfit ever.
If you think the house is not worth,
Live and see,
You may have the happiest days of your life.
If you think bad people
Spoil your name and reputation,
Be the change in their life.
You may be the reason for their transformation.
Because appearance is not everything.

When she finished, there was a huge round of applause and a standing ovation. Achamba was stunned and speechless for a brief moment. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She thought it was all a dream.

The grand finale, the crowning moment, was drawing to a close. Achambha was summoned one last time, along with the other two contestants. The second runner-up was announced. She and her co-contestant were asked to hold hands before the winner was announced. She was extremely tense. Her hands grew cold. "The winner of the Miss India pageant for the year 2022 is Miss Achambha," the host announced loudly.
Her eyes were filled with tears in no time. She sobbed and hugged her co-contestant. 
She had been crowned and worn a sash Miss India and honoured with other rewards too. 
She couldn't thank God, her parents, or her best friend enough for all of their blessings, encouragement and support.
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Achambha is currently giving her first interview in her hometown after being approached by the media. In response to one of the media questions, she stated that after the pageant, she asked the judges what made them to choose her as Miss India. One of them responded, "Your confident level, trust in yourself, unshakeable boldness, and above all, you demonstrated beauty has nothing to do with just outlook, it is all absolutely the reflection of your heart in your eyes that sparked through the entire contest from you."

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The next morning, Achambha awoke like a beautiful Champa flower to welcome her New Beginnings in 2023.

- Saradha 


  1. Amazing story. Inspiring. If only all the women had such confidence in themselves ... There would be nothing that they cannot achieve. Well written. 👍

    1. My heartfelt thanks dear Mala for such valuable comment ❤

    2. My heartfelt thanks dear Mala for such valuable comment ❤

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