The first episode

Dad was the hero and Mom was the heroine.
They had both freedom and respect for one another. 
They valued life's principles and set an example for others.
Despite occasional disagreements, 
their love for each other remained strong. 
They liked each other's company and missed each other at times.
They planned to start a family and raise children, 
like Prince and Princess. 

The second episode 

Parents became so busy with raising their children 
and neglected to prioritise their own well-being. 
There were no I or you unique moments. 
They missed their companionship while prioritising their time 
with their Prince and Princess. 
They gave their all and sacrificed everything for them.
In the same time, kids grew up.,

The third episode,

As Prince and Princess grew up and prepared to leave their nests, 
Hero and Heroine focused their needs and wants 
They took on more responsibilities 
As the elderly members of the family needed their help too
The only thing left between the two hearts was sacrifice. 

The final episode 

As life unfolded, the Prince and Princess distanced themselves
from their parents and showed no signs of returning home. 
In the meantime, elders reached their celestial abode. 
As the hero and heroine grew older,
they became fatigued and exhausted. 
They were left alone, without any assistance. 
There was nobody to look after them. 
Despite waiting for their Prince and Princess,
they eventually lost hope. 
They held their hands firmly and  went to sleep.
 They did not wake up the next morning. 
Their lives had no climax 
As the life’s stage show ended silently.

—————THE END—————




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