Swapna, a five-year-old girl, was affectionately known as Doll in the orphanage where she had been raised since her birth, when someone abandoned her at the entrance when she was only three days old. She resembled a Doll, hence her nickname. Everyone admired her intelligence and presence of mind. One thing bothered her: she was constantly looking for her mother. She kept questioning her warden about her. Her warden's usual response was, "You'll find her one day."
Days, months, and years passed. Swapna had grown into a lovely Princess by the time she was in her final year of school.

In the meantime, the warden went to see one of the orphanage's ladies, who always stayed inside a room that was locked from the outside. She knocked and opened the door before entering the room, taking the lady's name Namrata. Namrata worked as a tailor, making lovely dresses for the children. Children were terrified of her because she had a large birth mark on her face and referred to her as Bhoot wali Aunty. So she made the decision not to show her face to anyone and confined herself to that room.

Warden sat next to her and said, "How long are you going to stay inside the four walls? Please join us. Children will eventually become accustomed to seeing your face and accepting you. Furthermore, I have planned a grand celebration for Doll's 18th birthday on Sunday and have kept her a surprise as well. So you should join us." Namrata reluctantly agreed to the Warden's repeated requests.

When Saturday night arrived, the entire Orphanage was lavishly decorated. It was all lit up. The house appeared to be a grand castle. Everybody was looking forward to Sunday. The warden completed a final check of all arrangements. Everyone went back to bed at nearly midnight. Namrata left her room with a covered face, carrying a dress she made and wrapped nicely in a cover, and went straight to Doll's room, where she entered with a pin drop silence, kept the dress on her dressing table, and left without a trace.
She felt a shiver and her heartbeat increased as she walked towards her room, sensing something very deep inside her heart. She simply went to sleep, not knowing why.
Sunday appeared festive, and the house was filled with happiness and positive vibes all over. As the cake cutting time approached, people began to congregate in the main hall, where all functions were held. Warden eyes were searching for Namrata. She went to her room to check because she hadn't been seen around. Warden had forgotten to lock the door the night before because she was exhausted from the day's preparations. So she knocked and entered the room, where she discovered Namrata unconscious.
She immediately summoned an ambulance, drove her to the hospital, and admitted her. She had asked the doctor for an update on Namrata's health because she needed to return to the orphanage.
As soon as she arrived, she went straight to the Hall, where children had gathered to celebrate Swapna alias Doll's birthday. She was astounded to see Doll dressed in a dazzling outfit and looking like an Angel the moment she walked in. She approached her and inquired as to who had given her that outfit. Doll stated that when she awoke in the morning, she discovered it on her dressing table and assumed it was a gift from her.

Warden found an answer to her eighteen-year-long search in a fraction of a second, and without saying anything else, she simply held Doll's hand and hired an Auto. She pointed the driver in the direction of the hospital. Doll approached the Warden in fear, unable to comprehend what was going on. She had asked her to be patient while her eyes were filled with tears. When they arrived at the hospital, the warden inquired about the patient Namrata at the reception desk. She was directed to the general ward, where she was transferred. Doll had no idea what to do and simply followed the Warden. As they approached the ward, the warden touched Namrata's forehead. Namrata opened her eyes to see Doll standing in front of her.

Namrata's eyes welled up with tears, and she sobbed inconsolably on Doll's hands. Doll looked at Warden and understood from her tear-filled smile. She immediately hugged Namrata tightly and cried, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom," as if she were a small child. The patients in the general ward, including the doctor, were brimming with emotion as they witnessed this divine reunion.


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