The Last Rites

One would quickly go deaf from the constant whistle blowing by the traffic police and the loud horns of the automobiles stuck in traffic because a public gathering was organised in the city playground on the eve of the upcoming 74th Republic Day. A well-known politician was about to speak as well. Therefore, his party workers lavishly decorated the city. There is just one more day. 
In class X at the same school, Ramu, Somu, and Shamu were classmates who had known each other since they were young children. They came from a low socioeconomic background and intended to sell the National Flag to get some money. They had been looking forward to seeing the flag raised and attending the public meeting. 
The flags were all sold in accordance with their wishes, and they joyfully split the profits among themselves.
For those three lads, the following morning appeared to be so lively and bright. It was reaching its pinnacle to be excited. Since the meeting location was fairly far from their homes, they dressed in all-white clothing, held the flag in their hands, and set out on foot. They continued to wave the flag while yelling "JAI HIND JAI BHARATH" as they moved along
They nearly started sprinting to keep their spot in the crowd so close to observe the flag hoisting because the meeting was due to begin at 9 am. The traffic police maintained order so that the VIP vehicles could move through without encountering any obstructions. The vehicles were speeding by one after the other while the siren was sounding.
The boys' enthusiasm peaked as they saw the VIP car and they raced to catch a glimpse of the politician before he arrived at the event. So they ran from the other side of the road and jumped over the barricade to get to the fast car, but Ramu's left hand accidentally hit the back door of the car, throwing him off balance. Because Somu and Shamu were right behind him, they also lost their balance and fell on top of each other. As they couldn't immediately regulate the VIP car's speed, the vehicles that were behind it rode just on them during this process.
Three boys perished instantly, their white dresses drenched in a pool of blood, and their faces were covered by the national flag they were holding in their hands. Despite this, neither the police nor the politician's automobile stopped as they were travelling to the location in order to arrive at the appointed time.
The politician raised the national flag after which he began his address by saying, "THE YOUTHS OF OUR COUNTRY ARE THE PILLARS OF OUR NATION."


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